International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Research

(ISSN No: 0976- 285X)

Volume 1, Issue 1 (Apr – May 2010)

1. Development and Validation of Derivative Spectrophotometric Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Domperidone and Rabeprazole Sodium in Bulk and Dosage Forms
Patel A.H., Patel J.K., Patel K.N., Rajput G.C., Rajgor N.B.
Pages 1-5
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2. Antifungal Activity of Embelia Ribes Plant Extracts
Sanjesh G Rathi, Vaidhun H Bhaskar, Paras G Patel
Pages 6-10
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3. Drug Utilization Studies- Scope and Future Perspectives
P D Sachdeva , B G Patel
Pages 11-17
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4. Development and Validation of HPTLC Method for the Simultaneous Estimation of Telmisartan and Ramipril in Combined Dosage Form
V. A. Patel, P. G. Patel, B. G. Chaudhary, N. B. Rajgor, S. G. Rathi
Pages 18-24
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5. Comparative Evaluation of Alcoholic and Aqueous Extracts of Ocimum Sanctum for Immunomodulatory Activity
J. Vaghasiya, M. Datani, K. Nandkumar, S. Malaviya, N. Jivani
Pages 25-29
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6. Stomach Specific Mucoadhesive Tablets As Controlled Drug Delivery System – A Review Work
G.C.Rajput, Dr. F.D.Majmudar1, Dr.J.K.Patel, K.N.Patel, R.S.Thakor, B.P.Patel, Rajgor NB
Pages 30-41
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